The Manual Multi-Grab Quick Coupler allows the operator to change attachments without the need to hammer out and change the pin. This coupler features an adjustable screw mechanism which allows the operator to grab multiple pin centres. Compared to a hydraulic coupler, there is minimal difference in the speed to change the attachment. As there is no plumbing or hydraulics maintenance involved, both the initial and ongoing costs are substantially lower. An excellent option for operators wanting a low-hassle, lower cost alternative to hydraulic.

- Severe Duty
- Grabs variable pin centres.
- Cinches up the slack as pins and coupler wear.
- Change attachments in minutes.
- Requires only a 1/2" drive ratchet to operate.
- Built-to-Last construction with T1 & AR400 Steel at all critical points.
- 1 set of Hardened Alloy pins included.
- Includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

1) Cost Less than Hydraulic - 30-50% less money to install a mechanical coupler when you take all the cost of plumbing, safety valves, and electronic controls into account with hydraulic ones.
2) Much simpler design - Mechanical couplers are less prone to jamming and breakdown saving you money.
3) Speed - It takes about 5 minutes to change buckets with a mechanical coupler, meaning you only save a few with a hydraulic coupler.
4) Health and safety - Less chance for operator error. The operator always gets out and secures the attachment manually and visually. There is also less chance for operator health & back problems from sitting in one position for too long.

"My Coupler has lived up to all my expectations. Changing attachments is no longer a sore spot in my day. I would recommend this coupler to any operator who's looking to save time and aggravation. It turned a 2 man job into 1."

~ Gary Mayberry, Missouri USA

"After purchasing a coupler that I thought I would only use a few times a year, I actually found myself using it all the time!"

~ Sean S, New York

"Great staff from start to finish. Installed my manual pin grabber on my 322CAT - fits and works perfect. Best manual pin grabber on the market and a great price to boot. Thanks TRK."

~ Bill H, Ontario