Our Severe Duty Stump Puller Wood Splitter is designed to work on your machine as a primary land clearing tool or as a log splitting tool to downsize material before loading in your chipper. Quick coupler & direct pin-on, hydraulic or mechanical versions are available. The mechanical version uses a manual stiff arm with a three hole positioner, and does not require auxiliary lines. We do not offer this product with replaceable teeth on the main body or blade tip because if they break and fall in your grinder, you won’t be happy! The shank tooth is one solid wedge of steel and the blade is also made of solid AR400 steel.

- Direct Pin-on or Quick Coupler Versions (See Mounting Options).
- Hardened Alloy Pins & Bushings at all rotational and non-rotational points.
- The Splitting Blade is extra thick, solid AR400 steel with a machined sharpened blade.
- The body has solid welded in teeth so they will never break.
- Constructed from T1 & AR400 Steel at all critical points.
- 2 Year Limited Warranty.