Scoop Rakes™ have by far the best overall effectiveness for heavy applications and production land clearing. Thicker shanks with replaceable teeth drastically reduce maintenance over the rakes life cycle. The scoop design allows the operator to get right under stumps, big rocks and large roots. Another advantage is the scoop profile allows the operator to handle bigger loads of material, and easily sift out the dirt.

All TRK severe duty rakes are 5th generation designs. The geometry, grades and thicknesses of steel are all optimized for the best cost weight ratio. Our angled cutting edge slices through roots at the perfect angle, and it's an extremely ridged cross member for the shanks. TRK offers the thickest shanks in the industry for rakes. This negates the need for gussets so nothing will impede the flow of material between the shanks. The extra thick shank is self supported and much longer than other rakes, allowing for deeper unimpeded ground penetration.

- Constructed from T1 & AR400 Steel at all critical points.
- Case hardened pin bosses.
- Includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Pins sold separately.

"All our expectations were exceeded by a superb quality product . It was much better made then we had anticipated. From the secretary to the engineer to the billing department and shipping, all aspects were dealt in a courteous and professional manner. Thanks again. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone."

~ Gary and Rita S., Earlton, ON

"The shape of the Scoop Rake is great, perfect to get underneath a tree for un-rooting. Penetration is good and effortless compared to a bucket. For breaking the roots of a big tree it works great. It also works very well to remove big rocks due to the open side and the shape."

Mario R., Dunvegan, ON